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Valuing our Employees

At the Prospero Leadership Advisory Group, we recognize that the success of our clients is intrinsically linked to the well-being and fulfillment of our employees, in both their personal and professional lives. As such, we are committed to attracting top-tier talent by offering highly competitive financial and non-financial incentives.

Financial Report

Competitive Remuneration
In exchange for your superior skills, efforts and 'of service' attitude towards our clients, we have carefully and thoughtfully designed a highly competitive remuneration scheme to compensate you. This will ensure that you are not only rewarded for your regular client service work, but also any additional efforts that benefit our company.

Employee Well-being
We firmly believe that in order for our professional leadership advisors to excel, they must prioritise their own physical and mental health. Consequently, we actively foster a culture that promotes employee well-being by sponsoring and advocating for activities that bolster these critical aspects of their lives.

Family Portrait

Enhancing Relationships – Significant Other, Family, and Friends
We understand that personal relationships are an essential part of our lives, and a profound source of strength and happiness. Therefore, we prioritise employees' relationships by supporting and encouraging activities that deepen and broaden connections with those who hold the utmost significance in their lives.

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Client Engagement
We understand that for a professional services firm to thrive, we must consistently serve our clients at the highest of levels, which is something that can only be achieved once we truly know our client. Consequently, we encourage and incentivise the deepening of our employee-client professional relationships.


Community Involvement
We firmly believe that a fundamental aspect of living in society is giving back to that community. Therefore, we actively sponsor and promote employee charity and volunteering initiatives, as well as recognise and reward employees who demonstrate a commitment to contributing to their local communities.

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